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5 Java EE Performance Hacks

Making enterprise application 1 second faster

Posted on Sun Oct 16, 2016 03:41 PM

For web applications that are customer-facing (unlike in-house portals and administrative consoles), no stone should be left unturned in making the application one second faster as the number of customers can grow almost ove...

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Java How to Convert MP4 to MP3

The magic of FFMPEG library

Posted on Thu Oct 13, 2016 08:25 PM

I have always found myself with some video files and might just prefer having them in MP3 format for my audio devices and phones. FFMPEG is the de facto media processing library around at this moment. You can use it for both...

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Learn Java Programming: everything is free and this is how to get started

Download JDK, Netbeans IDE and create your first project

Posted on Thu Oct 13, 2016 02:21 PM

The first step in learning anything is usually the hardest. As humans we tell ourselves one thousand and one reasons why we can do a lot of things we would have loved to do. The achievers among us are the ones whom despite a...

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Java EE: Creating SEO Friendly URL in JSF Applications

Search Engine Optimization starting from the URL

Posted on Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:18 AM

Search Engine Optimization in Java EE or any other programming language starts from the basics like the URL, the page title and other metadata in the head section of the page. In this post I will discuss how to create an SEO...

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4 JSON Libraries Every Java Developer Should Know About

Gson, Jackson, Primefaces and JSON-P

Posted on Sun Oct 9, 2016 06:25 PM

JSON Processing

As exposing and consuming web services becomes our everyday life especially with JA...

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How to Become a Software Developer without Quitting Your Day Job

4 recommendations from the guy who did

Posted on Fri Oct 7, 2016 02:30 PM

First let’s debunk some myths. Coding is not for geniuses and you don’t have to know or like a lot of Math. Just about anybody can learn to code, all you need is the will to learn.

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